Classic Ford Magazine

After Russells videos were shared to hundreds of different Classic car pages by thousands of people, it reached Classic Ford magazine. Classic Ford got in touch and wanted to do a four page spread on Russell and the MK2 escort. As the car is a Ford MK2 escort Russell was pleased that they wanted to feature him in the magazine, and not long after they arranged a interview.

“Russell Lord reckons this is the most famous Escort in the world right now, and going by the number of daily hits he has for his regular construction updates on Facebook, we wouldn’t be at all surprised. To say it’s creating a stir is very much an understatement. The thing is, this car is only around  
8 inches long. “I don’t actually know it’s dimensions; I’ve never measured it!” states Russell. And you have to get this right — it’s not a model, it’s a piece of jewellery. It’s not meant to be to scale and not everything on the car is spot-on perfect. For a start, it has diamonds for the headlights, rubies for the brake lights, while the indicators are orange sapphire. If Ford had done that, I don’t think their cars would have worked nor indeed would they have sold as many as they did. The point is, Russell is an ex-Queen’s jeweller, used to working up there with the very best — although he freely admits, “I was just a backroom boy,” modest maybe but that’s how the trade works — the real craftsmen, you and I will never have heard of. Many years ago, one of Russell’s tasks was making a  
44 inch long Porsche. Now, he’s not really into Porsches but he is one of us and has more than one Escort. In fact, he’s besotted with them. He wanted to make a car too and naturally it had to be an Escort, but it’s not just any old Escort. But there’s even more point to this than he’s a jeweller and into Escorts — this car has taken 25 years so far. Though that’s not working on it solid — he’d have even less hair than he currently has! This one’s meant to be sold — probably in November — to raise money for children’s charities. Definitely a work of pure art and definitely a thoroughly noble cause, we had to find out more.”